About Litigation  :

The Firm’s involvement in path-breaking Intellectual Property (IP) litigation in India over the last decade underscores its commitment to excellence and innovation in legal practice.The diverse range of achievements in IP litigation demonstrates the Firm’s ability to navigate complex legal challenges and find innovative solutions to protect clients’ intellectual property and other assets. With a 30+ members and representing more than 5000 clients across various sectors, our expert team represent the industry of Agricultural, Industrial, Apparels, Foot wears, Pharmaceuticals and FMCG products. TheFirm’s clients range from small business concerns (including start-ups and individual based corporations) to large domestic and international corporations.The Firm’s strategic approach to litigation is evident in its seamless and financially efficient representation across India. From litigations in High Court of Delhi, High Court of Bombay, High Court of Gujarat, Allahabad High Court and Calcutta High Court, the Firm ensures a comprehensive and nationwide presence.A notable aspect of the Firm’s litigation capabilities is its strong District Court litigation team, complementing its extensive Original Side, Appellate, and Writ Law practice before the Delhi High Court and the Supreme Court of India. The Firm’s ability to offer both Civil and Criminal in-house intellectual property litigation expertise sets it apart from competitors.

In summary, the Firm’s achievements in IP litigation, its extensive and diverse client representation, and its nationwide litigation capabilities
highlight its standing as a leader in the legal field, particularly in the realm of intellectual property law and other civil and criminal matters.